Customer Testimonials

I've been a customer for about 8 years with this company and I have only had one incident where I was dissatisfied but it was quickly resolved. Their oils are strong and smell exactly like the designer scent. I get alot of compliments and have sent a number of my friends and co-workers the link to the website for them to purchase as well. Please don't go out of business! :-)


The Perfume Place: Please accept out sincere apologies - it sounds like you got our wholesale department in error.

Excellent Company! I have been shopping with them for years and I have always been able to depend on them for great prices, fast and reasonable shipping. I am always getting compliments on my perfume oils and because you only need a little bit they last for a long tme without losing their effectiveness. You won't be disappointed; I have recommended this site to most of my co-workers and members of my church. I haven't bought bottled perfume in years!

I have been ordering from this company for about 5 years now and have always received good service. I only had one issue a few months ago when I tried to order and their website was unavailable and I never got any answers to my emails as to what the problem was. I think that they have changed ownership recently because their shipping process is very quick now. Their oils are quality and strong, I have recommneded this site to alot of people. You won't be disappointed.

Very quick, satisfying, and quality products. Will continue to use this means of getting my perfume, thanks! I get compliments constantly about how nice I smell.........especially from my husband!

I have been shopping at this place for a couple of years now and have never had a bad experience. Their delivery is FREE for the perfume oils that I am always purchasing. I bought perfume oils at alot of sites before I bought from this one and I havent had the need to go anywhere else.

I have ordered from the Perfume Place three times now and each time I have been immensely pleased with the service. I live in the Midwest and my order is always received within a week of placement via the internet. The prices are excellent and very competitive with similar companies on the web. Overall, I would recommend this merchant to anyone who wishes to buy body oils and I will be buying from them again very soon.

The scents are great they smell just like the perfumes and the oils last much longer. I also received my order the same week I placed it.

The Perfume Place gives people the best fragrance type. They keep up to date on all the new fragrances. If one is looking to sell fragrance type The Perfume Place is the place to deal with. Their price is fair and they give you speedy delivery. Free shipping on body oils, how can you go wrong with free shipping on body oils. Another good thing about The Perfume Place is that their fragrances are so close to the genuine that if you dont tell people you are wearing a fragrance type they will think you are wearing the genuine original. The Perfume Place, excellent in every way.

Outstanding in all respects. Great customer service and delivery and a fine product.

I visited this website for 2 years admiring the perfumed oils. Finally I decided to take the plung. I order 6 fragrances. All arrived with seven days. The perfumed oils are the best quality around. I live in a large city where I can find cheaper fragrant oils in my neighborhood all day. The thing that setsThe Perfume Place apart other companies is the quality of oils, availabilty of product and fast free shipping. I am a customer for life and will tell all my friends. CheeCheedivine

Very easy to order! Thanks

Ellecent Products,fast delivery,as good as the original in smell,if you want to start a fragrance business use The Peerfume Place they have every type of the original and their prioduct is the best.

The Perfume Place has types of every fragrance. Their fragrances are so close to the genuine that no one can tell if you are wearing the type or the real. The perfume place sends their fragrance to you fast without any damage in the shipping. If one is selling fragrances this is the company that you should deal with because your customer will be delighted with their order every time and will reorder every time also. The Perfume Place is excellent in every way or should I say better than excellent. Keep up your good work.

I purchased 4 different body oils from The Perfune Place/2001 Perfumes for the first time. It was very easy to make the sale and the prices were fabulous. I was curious to see how close these oils were to the actual fragrances. I was very pleasantly surprised when I recieved them because 3 of them were Very close in scent. The Cocoa Channel did not smell anything like would not purchase that again. But with the 3 being SO close in scent I will definately buy from them again. It took 8 working days for my parcel to arrive , which I thought was still okay as the shipping was free! I would recommend this company to anyone. The service and product is more than satisfactory!

I received excellent service from start to finish. I would definely recommend this company to others. Sincerely, xxxx

I ordered; it arrived promptly; it was as described; no complaints

Over all Im quite pleased with the company. The only problem is when shipping with USPS, the tracking no. is always behind and doesnt reflect real time. (NOTE: THIS IS NOT THERE FAULT. ITS THE GOVERNMENT RUN POSTAL SERVICE)!

Excellent!!!!! Ive been dealing with the perfume place for three years. I will not go anywhere else to get my body oils. Keep up the good work perfume place. You have my vote!!!!!

It was a pleasure ordering from here; the only exception was the fragrance smelled different than the actual one.

The fragrance oils I received were wonderful! The scents are long lasting, and pretty accurate. Super fast shipment as well. I will definitely purchase again!

Everything about the Perfume place to me is excellent. The products are all top quality and they are so close to the genuine that now people dont have to spend a fortune on fragrances. Buy the types and no one will know whether you are wearing a type or the genunine. The perfume place also gives fast delivery. They are better than anyone else. Everyone should try the Perfume Place, they wont be sorry.

Amazing!! Will continue to do business with! Cant wait to order again!

I purchased two oils: Be delicious by DKNY and Pink by Victoria secret. The Be delicious is almost exact to the real perfume, however the Pink is not even close, however it does smell nice. I buy perfume oils alot and know that they are hit or miss when it comes to being just like the perfume, but for $4.00 its worth it even if they dont. I am very satisfied with my purchase and will refer friends (I already have actually-a co worker bought two perfume oils and hers were both pretty close) and will continue to shop here myself. Overall a very good experience. Thanks!

Very reliable and product is always perfect.

This merchant offers quality products and delivers them in a timely fashion. As far as Im concerned, customer service is poor. I e-mailed them a query about three weeks ago and they never responded. Why bother offering an e-mail option? That was a big turn off.

Received the perfumes quickly to Australia and the perfumes are the same as quoted.A really great product will buy alot more in the near future. Regards Rob.

I have been a customer for 5 or 6 years. I find this to be an excellent place to shop for any perfume you want. Their prices are good and they deliver promptly and safely. I have never had to return anything, and nothing has been broken. EXCELLENT.

Highly recommend The Perfume Place for all fragrance purchases! Great prices, excellent customer service & prompt delivery of products. Will definitely purchase from them again, and will recommend them to others as well.

I have made several purchases with this company, and all have been without incident. They do an excellent job. Thanks

Im always satisfied when I make a purchase with The Perfume Place. Ive never had to return an item for being filled out incorrectly. The purchases comes very quickly. I continue to buy merchandise from them because I know the services are going to be better than what I expect and all the perfumes are like the originals. Thanks Perfume Place



This was the product i have been searching for, for a very long time. It is exactly what i wanted. The only negative things were that customer service never called me back and i did not know when my package was to arrive. Other than that every thing was just as i would have expected. Thanks again Michael

The free shipping is nice. The Perfume Place has many scents to choose from. The oils they sell smell nice by themselves,but I cant tell what sort of perfume theyd make when mixed with other ingredients,then the oil doesnt have an intense scent-well see. But the oil smells great, theyd make great perfumes by themselves.

I was pleased doing business with Ther Perfume Place.L. Tait

A-Plus as always. Thanks!

The best customer service anywhere!

Great seller. Great products. Thank you very mcuh. Keep up the good work! Angela from Anaheim Hills, CA.

Product arrived 10 days after purchase. Was adequately packed. Was exactly what I ordered. Will purchase from again. Great Prices!

I have been ordering from them for a few years and am very satisfied.

I always order my perfume from The Perfume Place. Its simple, time-savngand economical. The delivery date given in my confirming email was honored and the package arrivd right on time, as usual.

Since Ive found this website, I have always enjoyed the quality and timely services they provide. Liam and Collette are two wonderful business people who really care about serving their customers. They always deliver products in a fast manner. If any problems occur they communicate to me and always provide the best services that will benefit me, the customer. I love the perfume place and all its products are of great quality.

Ill buy again from this company.

Great prices, very fast delivery, and product was just what I wanted. Have been having hard time finding what I wanted. Very glad I purchased from here. Thank you. Barbara M. Conti

For the moment i m not satisfary because i dont receive my purchase .i bought there is 2 weeks .the time of shipping is long and no correctely for me .there is other internet site of perfume that are more speed and the shipping price it s the same that the perfume place .i receive my purchase to one week .

Very pleased with the quality of service with this merchant.

I was somewhat disappointed with the amount of time it took to receive my order, over a week.

I was very satisfied with the good service. I would order from them again.

Excellent price, excellent experience, amazing delivery!

What can I say, Shipping was fast, product was what I order, and even customer service was great.

The goods were sent from Amereica to Australia and arrived 2 weeks ahead of the estimated delivery time. Very good service, Thank you

My perfume and cologne arrived early and in good condition. I will definetly purchase again


Fast shiping...great prices!!!!!!

I have ordered perfume from the Perfume Place several times and am very satisfied with the product and how fast they are. Great experience.

My overall rating for this merchant is good, but the product rating is not. I received my perfume oil promptly and in good condition. The price was right, but, it did not smell like the fragrance it was supposed to smell like. It smelled ok, but not like I expected. It is possible to find designer perfume oils that actually do smell like the real thing. Ive since then done so. So, in conclusion, I will not buy from this store again for this type of product.

It was great to receive my or in about 11 days considering i was told 4-6 weeks.. well done and i have recommended to others

Overall a very good transaction. Product arrived in good condition. The only thing I thought a little odd was that I chose USPS as my shipping option, which I thought meant US Postal Service. However, the package arrived via UPS. ? Maybe my goof? Anyway, overall praise to this vendor!

Cheap, fast, easy.... What else can I say.

I could not have had a more pleasant shopping experience. I didnt really utilize customer service over the phone or make any requests through the form online, but Im sure it would have been excellent also. Great selection of fragrances.

I dont know how you do it for so much less. Fantastic shopping experience.

Excellent prices. I saved around $60 compared to the cost of the same cologne at Nordstroms plus it arrived in just a couple of days.

Prices were great! Much cheaper than what i would pay in a retail store. Very fast delivery. i would do business with ThE Perfume Place again!

BI have shopped the perfume place a few times. I have always found the product I needed and the price is comparable to prior purchases. My orders always arrive shortly after my order is placed. I will continue to shop for fragrances at the perfume place.

I am very please with the purchase and devlivery that i have made with the pefume factor. I will continue using the perfume place for my oils needs.

All arrived as advertised. Will do business with again.

My order never came yet it was charged to my card. and when i told them i never got the items they did respond fast but i still havnt got my things and this has been a week ago now that they said they sent out my replacement order. so they i am going to have try and get my money back i guess from this co. since they cant seem to get my order to me.

I am so glad I found the perfume place. Great prices, great products, wonderful services, and easy purchase. I will never buy from another perfume place again. Thank you perfume place Evonne Tucker

Paid for UPS ground shipping and received my order the next day! Checked all over the web and they had the best prices anywhere! I would definitely recommend.

Fabulous price great great service. Will be using again. Thank you

Extraordinary! Product arrived day after order.

This merchant provided excellent service and great prices with this purchase as it always has for me. I recommend it to anyone looking to save money on their favorite perfume/cologne.

Their service is phenomenal. When I order, I receive all my products in a very timely manner. I love ordering from this company. My personal information is always safe and secure.

Was looking for a hard to find cologne for a friend, The Perfume Place had it and for about $1.00 less than where we normally buy it. Ordered it and it arrived in less than a week. Was very prompt. Site was easy to maneuver on. The Perfume Place is on my favorites list...

A fast, easy to use service. Thank you!

Great price and greater service always!


Have ordered before and no problems great service and all other areas of service are excellent will refer others to sservice and I have and will continue to order

I recently purchased parfum for my wife from this vendor. I found the ease of shopping excellent. Their notification about the product was sent to me timely. I did experience some problems with the shipping. Seems someone put the wrong address on the label and my purchase traveled to different places other than to me. I did sent email to vendor which was never responded to, I called a few times and only received an answering machine. I did receive my purchase after personally contacting the delivery service provided by a tracking number. Over all.... Yes I would purchase again and hope this shipping problem was a one time mistake.

Product arrived in less than 24 hours! As always, excellent.

I am SUPER pleased with their products, quick shipping, and great communication. I will definitely order again. Thank-you!

Didnt receive product or order confirmation within the specified time. However, the product was exactly what I wanted and at a reasonable price. I couldnt even buy it at the department store yet! I would definately order again.

Have shopped here before and went back again. Liked everything about it.

The only negative part of the transaction was the shipping time; kinda slow. One thing I love about this company,though--they offer products, including atomizer refills, that you simply cant find ANYWHERE else, including retail outlets!

I would order from this merchant again. Very fast service. ordered.

I have been ordering from themfor a couple of years or more. I purchase for myself and for gifts. When I purchase a gift I have the perfume sent directly to the person. It never takes more than 3 days. Periodically I have compared prices and 2001 Perfumes is always the best. I saved over 40% on my purchase of Marc Jacobs perfume! My shipment arrived 2 days earlier than expected!! I would definetly purchase from this merchant again.

2001 Perfumes had the best price for the fragrance I was looking for. Unfortunately, it was sold out, but was shipped out quickly after new stock came in. Customer service was personal and quick, and apologetic for the delay in sending my purchase. Overall, Id buy from them again.

Received what I ordered very quickly - very pleased to receive this hard to find item

Thank God I found some one to get my favorite perfume from!! They no longer sell it any where in Amarillo. It was easy and fast now I smell like a million bucks!! Thank You SO MUCH!!!

2001 Perfumes is a very professional merchant. The items I purchased were delivered rapidly and arrived in pristine condition. They had the best prices I have seen anywhere and hard to find perfumes. My emails were responded to quickly and they even supply a tracking number. I was completely satisfied with the transactions and the ease of purchasing. I would not hesitate to return to 2001 Perfumes in the future.

Body: Easy ordering website, many choices, superfast shipping, excellent prices, packaging was excellent. Definitely a very good experience. Will recommend to others, and will order again from this merchant. Fermin Noperi

I had never used this merchant before, but it was a smooth transaction. I am always happy when a product is shipped on time, a shipping tracking number is provided, packaged well to prevent breakage, and the billing is handled accurately. This was almost half the price of what the perfume would be sold for in the store where I priced it.

I was extremely pleased with this company. The owner was very honest on the phone, letting me know that they were shorthanded and had many holiday orders, but promising that the perfume would arrive in time for Christmas. In fact, the perfume arrived two days before Christmas!! I will definitely order from this company again, and I will spread the word to my friends about them. This is a company that cares about its customers!! Its nice doing business with them!!

I received my order at a reasonable price. The problem was delivery. I am not sure where to lay the blame. The company promised it was shipped within 24 hours. It took 14 days to receive the order. I wasnt able to give the perfume as Christmas gift which was a frustrating disappointment.

I will never buy colognes or perfumes retail again. Excellent price and delivery make 2001 an easy way to shop.

I was looking for a special fragrance and they were very helpful in obtaining it for me.

I was quite satisfied with the merchant. In fact I had a request and it was answered immediately

Quick delivery. product described correctly and satisfactorally. easy transaction.

I found this company to be very prompt and reliable to deal with. I would highly recommend them. I cannot rate them on customer service since everything went so well that I didnt need to consult them.

Keep up the great work! Thanks again. Ill be back!

I was very happy from beginning to end with them. I had the perfume I wanted in plenty of time as it was purchased as a gift. I would recommend them to anyone looking for perfume as a gift! Thanks!

I have ordered from this Company many times and have recommeneded it to many.

This is an excellent servic. The price was less than half at local department stores, ordering was easy and each time I order my favorite perfume (which is becoming difficult to find) I am amazed at how quickly it arrives.

We have used this company for 4-5 years. Our experiences have been exellent on every order.

The experienced the perfume that I ordered in a magazine in a doctors office and it was love at first smell! The ordering experience was easy as 1 2 3 and the price was cheaper than other sites. Thanks

Product arrived accurately and in 24 hours with no special shipping. Excellent vendor! Im a repeat customer.

I found a product through this retailer that was difficult to locate elsewhere, especially at this price. This is my favorite fragrance but because its not a newer one (it debuted in 1989) its not as easy to come by.

No problems, delivered product promptly and well packed. Will use them again--prices could be better though.

This overall order was great in every way. I will definitely order from here again. Thank you

It was a great shopping experience, free shipping and sooner than expected delivery.

This is the perfect place to purchase your favorite frangrances.

The prices were great plus the oils were really good.Gotta keep on coming to them.

I have nothing but good about your service and price. Keep up the good work.

Prices are low, and that is the best part. ;-)

Very prompt, no billing problems.

Quick service, good product, packaging was a little bit damaged, but the main product wasn't harmed. Maybe as a suggestion, the company could have included product samples of some other mens fragrances, since I am a online shopaholic. Well thanks anyway for the stuff guys!

I was very pleased with the service and the perfume.

I'm a repeat customer - this vendor never disappoints.

The only way to purchase.

I was a little disappointed to learn that the company only had 3 of the 4 bottles that I had ordered. But, other than that, everything was great. Lisha Marsh

Received item quickly. Great prices!

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and accurately my order was received. Thank you.

My perfume bottle was a little damaged when I get it.

Unbelievebly fast shipping..Perfect!!!

Great job guys. It was exactly what i ordered and dilverery was right on time. Job well done and i would order from you over and over for my perfume needs

These guys rock!!! Fast & Cheap!!! What more could you ask for?!?

I couldn't find the perfume I wanted at the department stores and I then checked the internet and found it. I was so glad. Tahnks

Arrived on time, no problems, no hassles. Would strongly recommend!

Creed fragrances are my all favorite. Let me know when anything new or similar quality comes in. Thank You, Lawrence

I had sent an email asking about another product. I was called the same day and received both products in three days. It couldn't have been better service.

2001 perfumes has great prices and quick service!

The perfium was exelent, was exactly what I whant

2001 Perfumes can expect a repeat customer when the perfume I bought for my wife runs out. Mark Roe

Delivery took a bit longer than I expected, but overall the shopping experience and the pricing was fine.

Very simple and easy. I had my order in 2 days.

Thanks for great prices and service.

Excellent service - very fast delivery even with the holiday season.

The problem that I had was quickly resloved and I was very happy with the way they did business.I had ordered the wrong perfume and thought it was the correct one, and didnt realise it until I opened the poackage.They are doinig an exchsnge for me. I will purchase from them again.


Great service-no hassels arrived within 3days!!

They have a plain, but easy to use site, and the confirmation and shipping were quick! Products were packaged well... I am very satisfied and plan to shop there again!

Received item _the day after_ ordering! Excellent service.

I had and I have problems with my credit card adress. The process doesn't acept no includ Code Zip and I don't have it, I live in Peru, no at USA

Very Happy, searced for this cologne for a while, and had a great price!!!

Price was excellent. I made an error when placing my order, but they caught it and called me right away to insure that I would still be able to receive my product. I was very pleased and will shop with them in the future.

This is the second time I have bought from 2001 Perfumes and I am pleasantly pleased with the service and delivery time of my order. I will definately order from the again and again.


The order was exactly what i ordered, and it came about the time it should have with the shipping option I choose.

The ordering process was quite painless, and everything arrived on time and intact. You've got, hands down - the LOWEST prices on the fragrances that I wear, so I'll definitely be back!

Very excellent service!

This is the second time I have ordered the same perfume from 2001 perfume. It was shipped out immediately and within days I received it. I am very much satisfied.

I highly recommend 2001 Perfumes!!! I had no problems at all and the shipping was LIGHTNING.

Good Product For less $$

I was not able to find my perfume at the merchant stores; so I tried the Online and found the perfume. I am so greatful; because it was my favorite perfume. Thanks .........

I was so impressed by the service 2001 perfumes offered. In fact, I placed a second order the following week. I called the customer service number provided in their confirmation email as I was a little leery about ordering off the internet. They were kind and very reassuring. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a "good deal" and good customer service. I will contact them again in the future.

I order regularly and, as always, this was a great transaction. Order was accurate and dellivered quickly. Highly recommend!

Very satisfied. Good prices.

I was a little wary at first that such a low price meant that it had to be low quality-- but I took a gamble ...and it was better than the real thing! And well worth the money I saved on the fragrance! Thanks!

The overall experience was good. Average shipping. It took about five working days to get the item but when I got it the item was exactly as ordered, well packaged and in excellent condition. I think this is a good merchant to buy from. Thanks

Quick delivery, good price on a hard to find item.

I am very satisfied! The delivery time was great! They price was excellent for the product! It was cheaper than I could buy it in the stores. Can't even get in the stores now. I am very happy and will order from them again. Thank you again so much!!!!!!!! Order: 1207

Started to get a little nervous as it took a little longer than I thought it would - but more than likely it was the mail, everything arrived as ordered and in good shape and the prices were great. thanx

I was very pleased, even though there was a delay the sales representative called me immediately to tell me of the delay and the reason. I also received a letter from the sales rep after I received my purchase again explaining the delay and offered her apology. Thank you, and will definitely do business with your again. Terry

I was thinking that the shipping could have been a little faster, however, overall it was a good experience.

I received my perfume order in only 2 days after I placed it! It was in perfect condition too!

Excellent service and prices. Received my perfume within a couple of days of ordering it and it was Christmas time. Thank you.

No problems at all... thanks for the good service.

I received my order in two days just like the web sight said. I would definately do business with them again. The ease and convenience was great.

Quick & timely delivery. Strange tho... It took the package two(2)days to get out of PA in its route to FL. Still happy with purchase!!

First Rate !!! Product arrived on time and as promised !!!

Excellent service at a very busy time of the year. Thank you guys.

Your prices were very competative; placing the order on the internet was easy and I received my order within a few days. I was very satisfied with my experience with 2001 Perfumes.

Professional service. Was delivered when promised.

Product came as descibed and at a great price.. Thanks

I'll buy from them again.

Thank You so much for the great service, and the great selection. I will be happy to shop on your site again. Much better than I had expected, thanks so much!

It was my first time buying online and it was very simple and i got very fast service

I was pleased with the speediness of delivery. The product I ordered arrived within a few days and was packaged safely.

I couldn't believe how quick and convenient it was to shop for perfume on-line! So much nicer than going to the department stores, waiting for someone to wait on you, and trying to compare prices. It was all at my fingertips, took 2 minutes... and I enjoyed my coffee at the same time! Thanks!

The perfume arrived quickly and was packed well. I was pleased that the merchant carried this particular fragrance, as not many have it.

I was very happy with the shipping time and the packaging once it arrived.

Outstanding service and prices!

The order process went very smoothly and I received my perfume much quicker than I was anticipating!

Unlike other online perfume merchants, 2001 shipped the order quickly. I received my order within days.

Prompt and professional service with the order at my door step in just a few days. Thanks

It was much slower than I expected.

Ordering was easy, delivery was very fast. Excellent on-line purchasing experience.

Quick delivery, good price on a hard to find item.

I am very satisfied! The delivery time was great! They price was excellent for the product! It was cheaper than I could buy it in the stores. Can't even get in the stores now. I am very happy and will order from them again. Thank you again so much!!!!!!!!

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